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Jenika is the Owner of Crossfit Westside and has been coaching Crossfit for over 8 years now. Her love for sports and inspiring people to live their best life has allowed her to pursue her passion of coaching Crossfit. Jenika has been able to work with founder of Crossfit, Greg Glassman, and countless other amazing coaches since 2005. She loves mountain biking, rugby, and has completed the Squamish Triathlon, Boston Marathon.
2005:BCRPA Fitness Theory, Weightlifting, Personal Training Certified 2005: Crossfit Level 1 Certified 2006: CF Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting Certified 2007-08: Crossfit Level 2 Certified, NCCP Level 1 Coaching Certification 2009-13:OPT Fitness Assessment, Programming, Lifestyle Coaching Certified.
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Alex is a Crossfit Coach and personal trainer. He spent most of his life skateboarding and was a competitive athlete in Volleyball, Basketball and Track and field. When he was introduced to Crossfit in 2013, he loved it instantly and was committed to becoming both a Crosfitter and a Crossfit Coach.
2014: Crossfit Level 1 Certification 2014: Personal Training Certification
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With a background in acting and dance, Ellen started her fitness career back in the 80’s as an aerobics instructor, complete with Jane Fonda leg warmers! Since then, she has obtained her personal training certification in 2008, and Crossfit Level 1 certification in 2009. Ellen is passionate about Crossfit because she sees the difference it can make in people’s fitness, no matter what age or level they are at.
At age 55, she can truly say that she is in the best shape of her life.
2008: Personal Training Certification 2009: Crossfit Level 1 Certification 2014: Crossfit Olympic-Lifting Certification
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Getting Started in Crossfit

All new athletes are required to start with 10 personal training sessions before moving into our Crossfit classes. Sessions include learning over 30 Crossfit movements, skill development, conditioning, mobility, nutrition, and online workout tracking.

info & prices
How to start today:

1) Book your free intro/consult to Crossfit.
This 60 minute session will give you a chance
to learn more about Crossfit, do a workout,
and meet us! Book Intro

2) Book your 10 Personal Training Sessions
with a Certified Crossfit Coach $80hr

3) Have a good fitness base?
Take our small group 10 session workshop.
Email info @ crossfitwestside . com with the Subject "Workshop" for more info. $249 + tax

Group Classes

We have over 46 classes running weekly before work, at lunch, after work, on weekends, plus more. Our Group Class program is membership based in which you decide if you would like to sign up for 2x, 3x, 4x, or unlimited classes weekly.

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We use weights, do bodyweight exercise combined with running, rowing, and jump rope. Movements are all functional and every workout is different.
You'll get a private coaching experience in a group environment, led by one of the Crossfit Westside coaches.

please email us for for class membership pricing

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Private Training

Want to get more individualized attention for your specific goals? Crossfit Westside offers Private Training and Private Partner Training. Your coach will tailor workouts specifially for your current fitness level and progress youat the proper pace.

info & prices

Private individualized coaching: 60 mins

  • 1 Private 60 minute session $80
  • 10 Session package: per session $75
  • 20 Session package: per session $67

Private individualized coaching: 30 mins

  • 1 Private 30 minute session $45
  • 10 Session package: per session $40
  • 20 Session package: per session $37

Semi-Private coaching [2 People]: 60 mins

  • 1 Semi-Private session $115
  • 10 Session package: per session $109
  • 20 Session package: per session $95

Fitness Assessment: 1.5hrs $150

  • Body fat & strength testing
  • Cardiovascular endurance testing
  • Core testing
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"I rely on Crossfit to ensure I have the energy to balance my schedule while maintaining the capacity I need to get out and mountain bike, ski, snowboard, kitesurf and do the other activities that I enjoy."

M.E.C. CEO David Labistour

"Training at Crossfit Westside has been life-changing. I’m 50 and I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Crossfit. I attend Crossfit Westside with my daughter. We have fun reaching goals together and the support of the other members is uplifting and encouraging. Sometimes I kick my daughter’s butt and sometimes she kicks mine!"

Trudy Fetzko

"Crossfit goes beyond just workouts, they organise ongoing seminars on topics of interest, social gatherings, and have created a community of people who support and encourage one another, no matter what their level of fitness. Never boring, always fun."

Jane Holland

"In the past few months, I have elevated my physical performance to levels I thought impossible. The CFWS coaches constantly challenge me to push myself to reach new goals. The environment is competitive, yet friendly, and it makes me want to come back for more."

Ryan Lee

"Never before have I seen such profound improvements in my strength, stamina, and overall wellbeing. CFWS’s coaching knowledge and leadership has helped me achieve more physically in my thirties, than what I accomplished as an athlete in my 20′s and teens."

Awesome Kerr

"I am so grateful to Crossfit Westside for helping me have such a positive pregnancy. I'm now 37 weeks and have been able to continue classes this whole time. The coaches show me modifications so that I can listen to my body and scale it to what my body needs. Continuing exercise during my pregnancy helps me feel fit, strong and happy. Next step - Crossfit mums!"



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